How to use 112?
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How to call 112?

Generally Single Emergency Call Number 112 is needed to call under threatening circumstances. Worry, fear or fright, experienced in the face of danger, hinder to evaluate environment calmly and promptly decide what to do to stay safe.

When in a threatening situation people frequently just forget the number 112, are incapable to dial it on a keypad or, if called, cannot say what happened and where.

To call the immediate assistance in an emergency as rapidly as possible, read and remember following simple but helpful advices:

  • don’t fair to call 112 and don’t get disorientated;

  • choose (move to) the safe place to call 112;

  • if possible, call 112 and talk to the operator Yourself;

  • press only those three digits - 112 on phone’s keypad and press the dial key, or ring 112 on a phone’s dial. No country, city or district code is needed prior to 112;

  • wait until the operator answers Your call. Be patient! If there’s no answer after a few calling signals, don’t interrupt the call and try to call repeatedly. Every repeated call is considered to be the new one and is put to the end of queue, therefore the time of getting through might prolong;

  • introduce Yourself and briefly and clearly state what has happened and who is involved;

  • indicate the location (if possible, precise address) where the emergency assistance is necessary. If possible, explain the easiest way to reach the location. Of the accident happened in another location than you are calling from, indicate this location as well;

  • briefly and clearly answer all the questions asked. Please understand, that precise and clear answers to all his questions are necessary to determine the demand of immediate assistance. Collaborate with the operator You as well;

  • follow the advices, given by the operator;

  • do not hang up, until the operator says to do so;

  • try to keep Your  phone line free after the conversation if possible. The operator might need to contact you again for the additional information about the accident or give you additional advices;

  • if the situation in the place of emergency changes (gets worse or better), call 112 again and report about that.


Updated 2006-06-21


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